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To introduce you to the person behind the voice, we've included some of the most heart-warming comments we've received About Ju along with some of the highlights of her musical journey.

Juwita will be performing in various parts of Malaysia this month so head on to Events for her whole list of December dates and see if you can catch her in action!

Juwita is also working on new material. Some of her recent songs have been released in an EP available at Four Forty Records' Online Store. Her music is also available on iTunes (yup, the brand new iTunes Radio too!), CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer... the list goes on. So go ahead! Add her to your playlists, complete your collection for only US$0.99 per song or gift her music to a friend via your favorite online store. :)

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Here's Juwita's latest single: BELLE OF THE BALL